Government Structure

of the Astronist Institution

Following the founding of the Astronist Institution in year 2013 by its First Padron, Cometan, it subsequently became apparent that a unique structure of government would need to be created so as to efficiently, fairly, and proportionately manage and regulate the operations of the Astronist religion and the combined works of the entire Institution.

As a result, Cometan development what is now known as The Hyperstructure. The Hyperstructure is the governmental structure of the Astronist Institution. It is formed according to three parties, known as permanent offices, each of which hold a stipulated percentage weight which they can use to vote on various issues that are proposed to them. 


Voting weight percentage – 40%

The Office of the Padron is the leading permanent office and is home to the elected individual and figurehead of the Astronist Institution and the Astronist religion as a whole. Cometan, having established this office, was the first leader for which he remains credited as the First Padron. The Office of the Padron holds the highest voting weight percentage as recognition for the office's authority in all matters regarding the operations of the Astronist Institution. 


Voting weight percentage – 30%

The Governing Council is one of two secondary permanent councils and is home to the ten members of the Governing Council whom collectively hold a 30% voting weight and individually, they hold 3% of the voting weight. The Office is to annually elect a Governor Speaker whom communicates the majority voted wishes of the Governing Council at all councils and communicates directly with the other two permanent offices.


Voting weight percentage – 30%

The Council of Kinship is one of two secondary permanent councils and is presided over by six verified blood-related members of the family of Cometan as unanimously authorised by the Office of the Padron and by the Office of the Governing Council. As such, at all times, there must be six seats filled to make this permanent office "functionable".


The current members of this Office are listed as follows:

- Louise Janet Counsell, mother of Cometan

- William Warbrick, grandfather of Cometan

- Hilda Warbrick, grandmother of Cometan

- Sean Taylor, father of Cometan

- Lucia Natalie, sister of Cometan

- Charlotte Sophia, sister of Cometan